9 Star Technologies was started  in response to the demanding requirements of the clients in the Information Technology Industry. 9 Star Technologies provides both technical recruiting and consulting services - contract as well as permanent services and is a one-stop source for personnel resources of our clients.

Our focus and goal, each day, is to help companies grow and prosper by finding capable individuals in critical positions around the world. As we realize that your success defines ours, we work diligently to help you with your needs, always keeping in mind, the basic aspects of our business - quality, integrity and efficiency. For aspirants looking to enhance their career prospects, we provide an opportunity and help them realize their goals.

Our modus operandi is to understand your specific technical and business needs and then provide you with the best-qualified people that are available in the market. As we understand the value of your time, we carefully pre-screen our candidates prior to submission and make every attempt to determine that the individual possesses the technical skills, ability and the right attitude necessary to be successful on the job.

After working closely with our clients to form an initial concept and project plan, 9 Star Technologies switches to the role of a project coordinator overseeing and managing the project through system engineering, system analysis, system design, code, testing, quality assurance and maintenance.

We deliver world-class talent of experienced professionals with deep business and technical acumen. By continuously refining skills and learning new technologies, we help take your business productivity to new heights.


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